Maximum power put to maximum use The engine of the Audi RS 6 Avant

A heightened driving experience with ultimate control: it’s what makes quattro such a thrilling enhancement to the Audi RS 6 Avant drive. quattro is Audi’s intuitive all-wheel drive system.

Constantly analysing grip and distributing power to where it’s needed most, the four permanently driven wheels deliver more responsive acceleration and assured grip on all surfaces. And that’s especially true when road conditions change. If one wheel loses traction, quattro makes sure the others compensate to keep the car in control. Giving you a dynamic driving experience with superior handling – even in less-than-perfect driving conditions.

Also available optionally on the RS 6 Avant, quattro with Sports differential takes the driving dynamics of quattro to a whole new level, ensuring outstanding stability and superior acceleration performance. By distributing torque variably to each of the rear wheels, the car steers even more spontaneously and directly. When cornering, for example, power is redirected to the outside rear wheel, literally pushing the car through the bend. Not only is acceleration more responsive, it requires less steering effort – for a more agile, enhanced drive.