R8 V10 plus, the pinnacle of Audi performance, reborn.

Made to race, the lighter and even more powerful second generation LMS shares around 50 percent of its parts with the R8 Coupé which include technologies like the Audi Space Frame and V10 engine. It’s lighter and flatter, with a more muscular stance than its predecessor.

Gloss Carbon elements give the V10 plus an unmistakable motor-racing look. With sideblades in Carbon Sigma, it has an Audi Singleframe V10 plus Coupé radiator grille with honeycomb design in gloss anthracite grey and with one-piece trim frame. The exterior mirror housings are in High Gloss carbon. It has 19” Forged Aluminium and 5-twin-spoke titanium finish Alloy Wheels.