The Audi R8 Spyder, efficiency through consistent lightweight engineering.

Vorsprung durch Technik is the claim to which the Audi brand is committed. Not only where sportiness is concerned, but in terms of future-oriented mobility as well. Audi consistently implements various efficiency measures in an overall concept. As a developer of numerous innovations, Audi has had a long-lasting effect on the automotive industry.

Audi ultra

Since the term Audi ultra is used to describe the lightweight engineering throughout the vehicle, it not only includes the body and its materials, it also takes all other components and systems into consideration. The principle is straightforward: the lighter the body, the better the weight/power ratio and thus the vehicle performance and efficiency.

Wave brake discs

The standard brake system with its innovative wave discs guarantees even more efficiency. The wave-shaped contour of the friction rings and the disc chambers made of aluminium lead to further weight savings.

FSI engines

Thanks to the direct fuel injection technology FSI higher cylinder charges and compression ratios can be achieved. The result is more output and torque with lower fuel consumption.

S tronic

The S tronic transmission combines the low fuel consumption of a manual transmission with the benefits of an automatic. The control ensures fast and consumption-reducing gear shifting in automatic mode. The very large transmission-ratio spread of the S tronic allows the last gears to be used at very low engine speeds.

LED technology

The LEDs used for headlights with daytime running lights, side indicators and rear lights last a vehicle lifetime and consume up to 50 % less energy than conventional bulbs.