High on Safety Always.

8 airbags

Adaptive front-end collision protection with seat position recognition and full-size airbags for driver and front passenger; side airbags at the front (thorax/pelvis airbags); head airbag system unfolds over the entire length of the side windows in the area of the 1st and 2nd row of seats and protects the passengers in the front and on the outer rear seats in the event of a side impact for the outer seats of the 2nd row of seats (thorax/pelvis airbags),also supplements the side impact protection in the doors.

Tyre pressure monitor display

Visual and acoustic warning if the pressure drops in one or more tyres, display in driver information system

Electronic Stabilization control (ESC)

With hydraulic brake assist, the ESC ensures greater stability in hazardous driving situations by targeted braking of individual wheels and intervention in the engine management system; with extended on and off-road functions, including off-road mode for improved traction on loose ground, with hill start and hill descent assist and roll-over stabilisation.