Driving enjoyment for a long time to come, Audi Carlife

We want to provide high standard of service for our high-performance Audis. With our Audi CarLife feature, we provide you round-the-clock assistance on our Roadside Aisstance, Extended Warranty, Service Plans, and Insurance.

Audi Top assist

Audi has introduced the Top Audi Assist Program which provides immediate round-the-clock assistance during any kinds of break down.

Audi Extended Warranty

Our relationship with you does not end with your car’s warranty. You can now extend your Audi’s manufacturing warranty up to two years under our extended warranty service.

Audi Service plans

We look forward to serve you better which is why we have come up with different service plans catering best to you that includes technical training, user of Audi Genuine Parts to improve the integrity of your Audi.

Audi Insurance

Our Audi experience goes further beyond than just driving. For our high-performance vehicle, we have an insurance policy, Audi Drive assure that protects your car beyond all expectations.