Aesthetic and elegant The exterior of the Audi A8 L

The art of progress. Beautifully expressed in visual form. In an exceptional vehicle. The new Audi A8 L. Awe-inspiring and sporty, while staying true to one clear principle: concentration on the essential. Not a single line without a function. Distinctively structured surfaces. Exclusive materials. All finished to a supreme standard. And aspiring to something very special – brilliance down to the last detail.

Clearly larger

The length and wheelbase of the new Audi A8 L are longer by 130 millimetres, respectively, compared to the standard version, which means more leg room and relaxation for. These two dimensions have increased to 5,267 and 3,122 millimetres, respectively; the vehicle’s width remains unchanged at 1,949 millimetres, while its height has risen by 2 to 1,462 millimetres. The large rear doors enable the occupants to enter the vehicle easily – and you can buckle up comfortably.

Panoramic glass roof

The optional panoramic glass roof’s two sections suffuse the interior with plenty of sunlight. Both halves of the glass roof can be elevated; the front half can also be opened considerably. Both pieces of glass can be shaded by means of blinds.

Matrix Headlamps

Audi Matrix LED headlights won’t thrill you only at night. The new lighting technology is quite a spectacle during the day, too, sometimes appearing as light points, sometimes as a dynamic light strip. Individually controllable LEDs. Perfectly adapted to the situation in hand. Showing the way ahead. An impressive sight, time and time again.