The Audi A6 Maximum power. Put to maximum use.

With their combination of direct injection and turbocharging, Audi TDI engines promise exceptional performance – thanks to their high torque output over the entire engine speed range with constant power build-up. They are renowned for being fuel-effcient and for reducing emissions. They are incredibly dynamic too, letting you get the maximum out of any road.


The Audi A6 Maximum power. Put to maximum use.

Audi TFSI engines attain a particularly high compression rate. The result: outstanding efficiency combined with optimum performance. Substituting supercharging for cubic capacity has the effect of considerably reducing engine size and weight, while performance remains as impressively dynamic as ever. For power delivery that will win you over from the word go.

S tronic

Uninterrupted efficiency

The sporty and efficient dual clutch transmission allows for lightning speed gear shifts without any noticeable break in propulsive power. Improved efficiency thanks to improved transmission ratios. A higher torque output makes longer ratios possible, especially in higher gears. The powerful torque in the low engine speed range reduces fuel consumption – yet has no adverse effects on driving performance and sportiness. 7-speed dual-clutch transmission with electrohydraulic actuation allows shorter gear-change times and gear changes with virtually no perceptive break in propulsive power. In automatic mode, there is a choice of programmes – D(Drive) and S(Sport). S tronic can be manually operated by means of the selector lever.