Efficient technologies. Exceptionally aerodynamic

At Audi, doing less is something we’re trying to do more of. We’re working to use less fuel, release less CO2 and waste less energy. It’s why we’ve incorporated a number of more efficient technologies into the Audi A3.


When a vehicle brakes, the discs convert the kinetic energy into thermal energy, which is wasted as it cannot be used. With a recuperation system, like the one that is fitted as standard on all A3 models, the kinetic energy is converted into useful electrical energy. The way it works is simple. While the car is coasting or braking, the alternator voltage is raised above the level of the basic electrical system, which enables the alternator to generate electrical energy and store it temporarily in the battery. When the vehicle accelerates, this energy is used to relieve the load on the alternator, resulting in a fuel saving of up to 3%.

Cylinder On Demand

Even cylinder heads can be intelligent, as Audi cylinder on demand proves it. Two of the four TFSI engine’s cylinders shut down automatically under partial-load conditions.This helps to lower fuel consumption and emission at the same time without the switchover even being noticed or imparing the driving dynamics.